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This Cat can Cook! Very Cooky!


The Internet is full of cats these days. Here's a Cat among cats. The one who put the puss in his boots. The very one whom the Ad Biggies referred to when they said, "let's put it out on the back stoop and see if the cat licks it up."

Cooky Cat cooks from scratch. (No claw-related pun intended.) You’ll find not so much recipes, as suggestions. The world, after all, doesn’t need another cook book. A certain culinary skill is expected to dig this cat.

Inspiration is what is needed. And Cooky Cat brings it. A sense of humor also wouldn't hurt. He kids... but, always, he loves. In his own words, "Just kitting."

We give you... Cooky Cat!

The Cooky Cat is into cooking. He can be a playful kitty, sometimes prone to exaggerating the facts (he can be a down right fibber), but always true blue when it comes to steering you in the right direction kitchen-wise. Take what he may say otherwise with a grain of salt. Just shoe him off your lap(top) when he gets too frisky for you.  

Cooky Cat can cook anything (he is not vouching for its edibility, however). Don't expect recipes and treatments on the more conventional dishes. [E.G., regarding omelets... Wisk a few fresh eggs, shake and stir in a pan with some butter, fold onto plate. Done. Next.]

Cooky Cat is also very straight ahead in the kitchen. No stunt foods. So don't expect any of those trendy piled high ego displays or cakes made to look like... whatever. Take this pledge: "I will never again watch a cake show on television." About foam... you can't even get him anywhere near the foam of a bubble bath. And, as few gadgets as possible. It took him years to get around to a Cuisinart processor; prior, it was the trusty Benriner mandoline.

He also vigorously eschews the trend to overly combine wildly disparate ingredients or overly sauce and/or multi-spice recipes. Things do have their own taste and Cooky Cat stands for letting the ingredients speak for themselves.

His motto: Create meals from what looks good at the market, always looking first for what is seasonal, fresh, and local. Shopping to a recipe is a way to go, but many times slavishly sticking to that approach can be frustrating if you can't find the ingredients; it forces compromises if what's only available is of lesser quality, and it is certainly the most expensive approach. Quality costs, and pays off in the long run; but when it's on sale, go for it. By and large, you get what you pay for.

There have been comments from certain quarters that the recipes are not detailed enough. The point Cooky Cat is making has to do with conveying the secret ingredient to all good cooking. If you want the specifics, just do a search and zillions of options magically appear. To repeat, the world does not need another cook book!

Now go ahead, scratch around and see what Cooky Cat has for YOU!

A faithful follower of Cooky Cat  shows her appreciation. . .



Cooky Cat's Last and Definitive Word on Spicing

Like Julia Childs has pronounced vis-a-vis Nutmeg, Cooky Cat universalizes the topic to say that you don't want to introduce any spice or flavoring into a dish so much so that on first taste you'd say "Nutmeg!". Or, "Cumin!". Or, "Cinnamon!". Or, what have you.

If you're following a particular recipe, follow it closely the first time. Afterwords you can adjust as you like. This point, particularly in the arena of heat. Just to observe that with the essential flavors of the ingredients themselves, added flavorings, and spices ... there's an alchemy in the combination. Long tested recipes have got the magic of the proportions down. Follow them.

And, for the love of God ... take a tip from the Itralians: The thing itself has its own flavor. You don't have to go all over-spicing everything. String Beans sautéed in Butter with some Garlic ... it don't get no better.

This Cat has some preferences; Cumin ... he likes. But, just because you like it, doesn't mean to overdo it. Capish?



The Zen of Tacos

Jerk Pork Tacos / Photo David D. Wronski

We have right here the definitively proper take on Tacos ...

" ... making tacos doesn't seem like a particularly daunting culinary challenge. Make some tasty stuff and ladle it on a taco. That's about all there is to it."

— Michael Weinstein

Who would disagree. But, it is in that "tasty stuff" quotient ... wherein lies the proof. And, the love.

Birria and Chivo Tacos at Los Cuñados Passaic, New Jersey
Photos: David D. Wronski