Cooky Cat Approved

Herewith the fortunate few to win the Cooky Cat Seal of Approval. Proudly to emblazon on their website (with a link back to his nibs, s'il vous plaît:

If you are new to Cooky Cat you may be wondering who the heck is this culinary kitty. Well, suffice it to mention that in On the Waterfront Marlon Brando, when he said that memorable line, "I could've been a contender", he had Cooky Cat in mind. That was his method. So, when you think of Cooky Cat, think "contender". There's method to his madness. He is said to have been the model for the "cat's meow". He put that puss in his boots. You get the idea.

Oh, yes, he cooks from "scratch".

If you want to recommend something or someone with an online connection for this prestigious award, please leave a note in the comments box. Cooky Cat is finicky, but fair.

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