Mystical Pizza

I've been on a spiritual quest. Many starts, and stops. Blind alleys. Mistaken ideas. Disabused illusions. Grandiose allusions. A few contusions. Ablutions. Absolutions. 

One thing that has been my touchstone on the material plane: Pizza Pie. In fact, I love Pizza so much, I have undertaken a separate quest to discover and share the perfect Pizza recipe. Read that here.

Now I live in New Jersey — where Pizza Parlors are as ubiquitous as Taquerias* in Phoenix.  

* [Funny thing, though. A Taqueria has just opened a block away from my house. Could it be a harbinger of an "invasion". But, let's not get into the current tendency to create word wars over verbalizations; especially so when we are raging progressives hard wired to oppose the current administration (Trump!) at any and all turns.]

So the perennial question regarding the trusty Pizza Pie is this: 

How come when it's round it comes in a square box, and cut into triangle slices? Really! How come?

Here we leave the world of concepts and verbal constructions. Merely gaze at the image with the revealed mystical insight and realize the ineffable TRUTH within yourself!