Barbeque News Flash ...

Just got wind of a proper contraption that is designed for slow smoking with your Weber. It also acts as a hot spot for more control in grilling.

We still stand by our original DIY setup for slow smoking (CLICK for that article). The Slow'n Sear, however, looks like the next step up. A good measure of convenience plus important added options.

CLICK for the Slow'n Sear at the Adrenaline Barbeque Company website. 

Besides being a Made-in-America product (as in, Made Right!) its design offers a large contained charcoal hopper for a long smoke without needing to refuel. Plus, a proper water jacket, which acts as a heat shield and moisture source.

We're going to get the Slow'n Sear Plus which features a bottom grate for the charcoal and an extension lip for stability. The bottom grate is supposed to prevent lit coal chunks from falling down. We think it'll also be good for saving any unused coals for the next use. 

Slow'n Sear Plus is pictured below.


Taco Time ... Step-By-Step

 1. Warm Corn Tortilla

 2. Sour Cream

 3. Pork in Chili, Guacamole, Queso Blanco

 4. Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa

 5. Shredded Cabbage

6. Scallion & Cilantro

7. Enjoy


HASTY BAKE ... THE Charcoal Grill

If you are looking to buy a charcoal grill for the back yard, this is it. Stressing ... THIS IS IT! 

The Hasty Bake has been around since 1948. We saw it used on a Simply Ming episode, grilling Texas steaks with chef Dean Fearing.
Made in the US of A kind of well made, practical, straightforward functionality. Built like a tank. Powder coated or Stainless Steel. Several size models. All with the same functionality.

This is the one to own. Grilling, of course. But, also smoking; even baking. 

There is a lot of engineering in this baby. Most obvious, how you can crank the fire box up or down to modulate the temperature. There's even a heat shield for you really Low-and-Slow types. An easy clean up grease drain system to avoid flare ups. A straightforward vents system to control temperature. Built to last.

Check them out! Click this.