Question #15
When you bring home a new jar of Sesame Tahini what is the first thing to do?


Turn it upside down and leave it there for a while to let what settled down to the bottom work itself loose.


Getting that Sesame Tahini back to a uniform consistency is the first order of business to make it usable. The stuff settles into a thick paste at the bottom of the jar as it makes the journey from the mill in Beirut to your humble abode in Bensenhurst.

Too many times this Cat has opened a jar of Sesame Tahini and found himself wrassling with a wooden spoon trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to reconstitute the paste into a homogeneity. Once, even emptied the entire jar into a food processor. It worked fine, just a lot of lost product. And, a mess to clean up.

So, friend, from now on, turn it over!

Deep Background:

Mr. Schwartz is up in years and wants to treat himself to a grand vacation. (This is a Jewish joke.) So in preparation he goes to Dr. Berger for a complete check up. Dr. Boiger, I vant the works. So I should go on my holiday in Miami with peace of mind. Dr. Berger performs every test known to science. Mr. Schwartz, we gave you the whole kitchen sink of tests and you should be pleased to know you are 100%, a poifect specimen. Go to Miami and have a good time. Mozeltov! Only a few moments after dear old Mr. Schwartz leaves the office, the nurse runs frantic into Dr. Berger's office screaming, Dr. Berger! Dr. Berger! That Mr. Schwartz dropped dead with a heart attack right outside your office door! What should we do? Dr. Berger thinks it over and rubs his chin a bit then says, Vell, foist you toyn him around, so he looks like he's coming in.

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