Tacos Jalisco

In Phoenix our top choice taco shack is Tacos Jalisco, the original spot in the largely Mexican Paiute section of Scottsdale. There as you place your order you can see the busy kitchen with mountains of one kind of meat or another cooking on one flat top and a deft hand filling orders at the other stove top warming tortilla upon tortilla. The original Tacos Jaliscos is a small, true hole in the wall, mostly Mexican patrons and in-the-know locals. Mas Sabor. It is also the kind of place that you could expect to be raided by Sheriff Joe and his posse at any time. Have your papers with you when you go. And if you don’t like to mix with the hoi poloi, it would not be your kind of place.

But, seriously, this place is great. The service is friendly yet business like. Everything is fresh, fresh, fresh. It's a busy kitchen, but your order comes out in minutes. Come on in and choose from a great assortment of delicious and well priced dishes. They have a choice of drinks: fresh fruit agua frescas, horchata, and jamaica. Or a real sugar recipe imported Mexican soft drink.

When your order arrives you will be called. Help yourself to the salad bar with a choice of home made salsas, cut pieces of radish, and house made fried jalapenos and a vinegary escabeche mixture of garden vegetables.

Mas Sabor!

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