Cooky Cat is a Contender!
Press Release from the Culinary Hall of Fame:

Cooky Cat, a Culinary Blog by David D. Wronski, is inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame.


Mesa, Arizona, USA – March, 27th, 2012 – CulinaryHallofFame.com announced today that  Cooky Cat a Culinary Blog by David D. Wronski is now the eighth Inductee into the Culinary Hall of Fame on their website. David D. Wronski and his many friends and followers voted for his blog until he reached 2000 points, the required amount to be inducted. His plaque will hold a permanent place on the Culinary Hall of Fame Inductee Page and will be linked to his outstanding culinary blog. David is from Montclair, New Jersey and his plaque will also be permanently listed on NewJerseyCulinaryHallofFame.com.

Inductees listed on the Culinary Hall of Fame Inductee Page are also granted access to the exclusive Inductee Lounge, a Forum area not visible to the general public, where a group of highly skilled internet and real world culinarians can interact in fundraising activities, charity events, have the option to serve on the Chefs4Students.org review panel for culinary grant requests, participate in joint campaigns, promotions and more. Congratulations to David D. Wronski and his Culinary Blog, Cooky Cat

About Cooky Cat

Cooky Cat is the electronic front of the house guy for David D. Wronski. This culinary kitty naps near a warm hearth in beautiful historic Montclair, New Jersey.

David himself has had a long time interest and natural hands-on sense for food preparation and service; with a variety of practical culinary experience in the home, as a caterer, restaurant sous chef, banquet planner, director of a large scale institutional food service. Even as a butcher and a baker. (Candlesticks, not so much.) Professionally he is an experienced writer, and Cooky Cat is one of his creative inventions.

Through Cooky Cat Mr. Wronski expresses himself on all matters culinary, high and low. Here, there, and everywhere. Cooky Cat is a fun loving foodie who likes to spice up his writing with humor, artistry and a surprise or two. He aims to make it an interesting read. No telling what that kitty will be up to. But he's not much for lengthy detailed step by step exegesis. He considers that pussy footing. And, besides, the Internet is full of just about everything, a click away. In his own direct full whiskered way, he proclaims. . . “The world does not need another cook book.” At least not one from one Cooky Cat, that is.

What Cooky Cat does is offer direct practical advice, new (hopefully) ideas, and comments and opinions. Even though the Internet is a search away from every recipe and information, sometimes it's good to have a trusty heads up on what's necessary and what's not, where to watch out. All that, wrapped up in a flavorful crisp tasty humorous crust. He is not afraid to express a strong preference or two. But, he always gives solid well researched information. An early adopter of fusion cuisine, expect Cooky Cat to cover a broad territory.

About CulinaryHallofFame.com

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