Gazebo Sandwich

The Gazebo was a restaurant near where I once lived in Brooklyn, New York. It was decorated to fit with the name with all kinds of white lattice and hanging baskets of flowers. The place specialized in healthy food and their signature sandwich they named The Gazebo.

Done according to the following recipe the Gazebo Sandwich is a meal. Just so you have a clear picture of the finished item, done properly it should sit on the plate like a big high round haggis. Try serving it to a Scottish friend and see the color of the highland heather come up in his face.

For 1 Gazebo Sandwich:

Single 6” pita. With knife open along 1/3 of circumference
On the inside bottom of pita round layer thin shredded lettuce, cucumber and tomato slices, and a few rings of sweet onion.
Over this add a generous serving spoon of tabouleh salad and another of dry cottage cheese. Then 3 stuffed grave leaves.
Finish with fresh alfalfa sprouts and finely shaved raw carrot and raw beet.
Pour into sandwich pocket tahini dressing made with sesame tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic.

Two hands and a good appetite are all else you will need. (Because of the way this sandwich is built, no two bites will be the same. A garden of healthy and delightful variety.)

Come to the Gazebo and refresh yourself.

If you want to mix it up a bit but not go too far from the original: Falafals, pickled vegetables, other salad greens such as mesclun or arugala. For a lift, add some "lift", mid-East style pickled turnip.