Hot Oil
 (Oriental Style, That Is)

Very Good Try Now Yes Very Much You Like. Lucky Too!

Chinese style hot oil is the sleeping giant of all spicy condiments. The go to additive to perk up anything from eggs to eggplant, from chicken to chick peas, from legumes to leg of lamb. Don't wait for the Saveur Top 100 issue or to hear it from Ms. Stewart or Giada or Mario or even that upstart Rachel Ray.

You heard it "hear" first.

It goes with everything. EVERYTHING!

So if you are the sort of person that thinks stir fry is Oriental cooking, broaden your definition. Stir fry is just another name for sauté. Of course, with the added idea of fast and high. [As opposed to the Smokey Joe's low and slow, which is a whole another thing and also very good; but, later.]

But be alerted... Not all hot oils are created equal. The ony kind of hot oil you should look to buy is the one based on 100% toasted sesame oil. It is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Oriental kitchen. We recommend the Kadoya Hot Sesame Oil.

You can also make your own. But first to give the Kadoya a try. You'll never make it better; so buy some now and give it a try.

Suggested uses...

It goes with everything. EVERYTHING! (Savories mainly. On sweet things... not so much good. No, no.)

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