Pomegranate Molasses

Make pomegranate molasses a kitchen staple. Use it any time you want some sweet piquant with a distinct fruity presence. Salad dressings, baked beans, sauces, basting and glazes.

Here's what the expert, Paula Wolfert has to say: "Pomegranate molasses is an essential ingredient . . . has a wonderful flavor and a heady aroma, and its thickness and dark color make food look very appealing. It keeps almost indefinitely in the refrigerator. The uses for this thick, tangy, piquant syrup are many. It blends well with walnuts, adds a tart and pungent flavor to beans, sharpens the taste of poultry, gives a clean, tart taste to fish, gives an astringent edge to salads and vegetables, and is a great tenderizer for lamb and pork. It can also be diluted and used for sharp drinks and tart sorbets."

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