Challah French Toast

"Almond Touch"

Hankering after a good Almond Croissant. Instead, using homemade Challah, made French Toast and topped with toasted-sugared sliced Almonds.


French Toast Tip: Marinate the bread slices in the egg-milk-sugar dip to make moist through and through. Also, lots of Cinnamon.


 Los Cuñados

Mexican Grocery and Restaurant

195 Monroe Street, Passiac, New Jersey

The restaurant is open Saturdays and Sundays. Featuring Birria (Goat Soup), Carnitas (Pork), Chivo (Goat), and Lingua (Beef Tongue) Tacos. 

Also, warm hearts and smiles.

A peek inside the kitchen where fresh Tortillas are made to order.

Made and served with love.

Birria Consome and Chivo Tacos. Packets of red and green Salsa.

Our Lady of Guadalupe watches over everything ...