A good friend wrote a poem which fits into the Cooky Cat oeuvre.

It was "... inspired by [her uncle the well known actor] Kim Chan's life as a young man in New York City."

We're thinking here a Cooky Cat Central that it fits perfectly into the "Beat Poet Open Mike Slam" genre.


 A Poem by Judith Mary Gee

Hair slicked down extra, the maître d’

bribed and swore to secrecy

busboys and waiters,

leaving to their discretion

the House of Exquisite Taste

while he slithered away

to the Center of the Universe

so he could worship Duke Ellington.

After the show came the showdown.

An umbrella smacked his back;

 spokes splintered and fabric tattered.

 Then said umbrella thudded to the floor, a carcass

transmogrifying: Peking duck for those

who wouldn’t know the difference

between opium and monosodium glutamate.

 But so what? Sure as anything, he’d visited Heaven,

grooving to such as that “Creole Love Call”

like anybody else who could buck and wing.