While You are Waiting
A disconsolate woman is waiting for the train. She is cradling a baby.  The train station is empty and it is late at night.
The station attendant sees her there, most miserable weeping and crying. He approaches to offer some comfort. “There, there. What seems to be the trouble?”
“I have to leave my town, may family, and all my friends. They all keep making fun of my baby. I have to take my sweet darling baby to another place to live.”
“I’m so sorry for you. May God see you both to a happier place. Perhaps you would like a nice cup of tea while you are waiting?”
“Yes, that would be nice. You are most kind.”
The station attendant thanked her for the compliment, and added, “I’ll go and get your tea. And, maybe a banana for your monkey?”

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