Vegetarian Pepperoni Pizza

David Wronski writes . . .

Every Saturday evening for a long time in my formative years I would make a pepperoni pizza from scratch using the Chef Boyadee Pizza Kit. I am a lifetime committed pepperoni junkie; and, to me, pizza and pepperoni pizza are interchangeable.

I know that some of the legion of Cooky Cat followers abstain from eating meat, so here is a vegetarian alternative. No, Ms. Marcella Hazen, we are not suggesting tempeh here. (In a prior post on Borlengo Cooky Cat suggested using tempeh as an alternative to pork bits in the piece on Borlengo and Ms. Hazan commented in a separate message, and in typical direct authoritative fashion, ". . . Very tasty. Forget about tempeh, please.")

I should also mention that I am arguably THE or (grudgingly) one of THE originators of what is now so commonplace, so called "Fusion Cooking". You know, mixing ingredients from the various world cuisines, mixing menu items in the same way. It was in the Brooklyn years that me and a neighbor friend, Stan Mongin (RIP) formed the Polish Pavillion. It was a weekend catering venture. We like to cook and Stan had the largest Garland restaurant stove, so we thought it would be a fun thing to do as a sideline. (In this entry there is another reference to the Polish Pavillion; specifically, how we cooked up that name.) Stan had an in at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), and we did a few gigs there. There was some talk of taking over the in-house catering there, but I wasn't interested in a full time career change into food service. (I did a stint at Whole Wheat and Wild Berries, a Village healthy food restuarant, and I am completely disabused of that typical fantasy of running a restuarant.)

I know I am digressing a bit. But, that is what I do. Check out Wronski's Wramblings to get a snoot full.

Seitan Pepperoni http://fooddoodles.com/2011/04/04/pepperoni-seitan/