Thin Crisp Flat Bread
The Open Faced Sandwich

If sliced bread is the carrier or, more prosaically, the "delivery vehicle" for what goes in the middle of the everyday sandwich, then thin crisp flat bread is sliced bread's naughty cousin. Those skinny little things that like to parade topless with all sorts of tempting treats on display.

As mama used to call them, "open faced" sandwiches.

We envision a groundswell resurgence in popularity of the "open faced" sandwich. Better term would be canape. Pictured above is just the tip of the iceberg for ideas of how to create an open face sandwich.

We heartily recommend Wasa Thin and Crispy Flatbread. Get the one pictured. It is as thin as a postcard with a nutty flavor. So called mouth feel is excellent, breaking apart quickly with a bite.  

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