Best Indian Pickle (Mixed)

If you like to, as Christopher Walken would say, "eat Indian," then you may know that pickles of all kinds are a big part of the cuisine of the subcontinent. My great grand daddy would wax wistful of the culinary delights he savored during his days in the colonies during the "Raj."

By far, in our humble opinion, sahib, the best of the best is Achar Pickle. Insist on the recipe put up by the venerable Pachranga Foods. Any proper Indian food store should carry this item. 28 oz. / 800g. / 750 ml. size can. Ingredients: Limes, Mango, Lotus Root, Carrots, Indian Gooseberries, Turnip, Fresh Green Chile, Cinnamon, Ginger, Fenugreek, Coriander, Dried Red Chile, Fennel Seed, Turmuric, Cumin, Salt, Vegetable Oil.

If you weren't nursed as a wee one at the breast of a traditional Indian mother, you may not have the taste for this pickle built into your subconscious taste preferences. If you weren't born to it, be patient. It is a cultivated taste; and, once acquired, it will make you feel like a Bollywood star. Jai Ho!