The Brown Study

The Brown Study

A Kids Kanapé

A Tea Time After School Tasty Treat

Here is a perfect after school snack. Or, for tea time. Or, anytime you want something sweet and nutritious.  The Brown Study. The name sells it by itself, don't you think? No? Well, regardless, here it is. But it has to be the things listed, nothing left out. Or, it's NOT a Brown Study.

This dainty tasty canapé is made with a base of very thin Original Wasa or Kavli Crispbreads. Very important to use this particular variety; the eating experience from this fragile crisp cracker is a big part of the enjoyment of the Brown Study.

Also, since the crackers are very fragile, place them on a perfectly flat surface when spreading the items below.

Layer each with the following, starting with:

+Peanut Butter
+Apple Butter or Fig Preserves or Prune Butter (in Polish stores called Powidła ["Po-weed-wah"]).
+Sliced Bananas (peeled and sliced, or glazed with brown sugar syrup)
+Sprinkle of Date Sugar (crumbled freeze dried dates)
+Light Dusting of Cinnamon
+Drizzle of Honey
+An even lighter sprinkling of Bee Pollen (IMPORTANT: If you or those you are serving are new to bee pollen, taste test a grain or two. Some people are sensitive to this power food.)

A big glass of cold milk or a cup of tasty coffee. Serve chocolate milk and you have the "Valedictory Brown Study". Hot chocolate, and we don't even know what to call that. "Summa Cum Brown Study?"

And, as usual, the quality of the elements will show in the result. And, if in fact you're going to give this to the kid (we know you'll love it too), don't go putting a price on love. Buy the best. Besides "You Know Who" is watching. 

And, we're so sure this will please; so . . . you're welcome.

PS The top photo currently shows the Mrs Havisham's Wedding version of the Brown Study; with the dustings last. It's too drab for us so we put the honey drizzle next to last. (Photo to be revised upon our next go with the Brown Study.)