Blessings of Nature

On a fine Summer day recently we trekked off to Western New Jersey to pick sour cherries. Sour cherries are de riguer for mom's cherry pie (lard crust; lattice top, of course). That very seasonal rarity is seldom available in stores and there is only a few week window of opportunity for picking. Quite delicate and very quick to discolor/go south. Seen here is a portion of this year's haul. Sweet! Not really. The cherries are SOUR! "Sweet" is an expression . . . Never mind.

We managed this year to get eight pounds, enough for four large cherry pies. Back home . . . a quick wash and clean, pitting, bath in lemon water, packed with sugar in freezer bags. Ready when we want.

Our excellent source is Stoneyfield Orchards, on (where else?) Orchard Street in Belvidere, New Jersey. Here is an excellent write up on the orchard and the good people who now run things around there.

While we were at it we purchased a gallon of their own apple cider and a dozen super large double-yolk chicken eggs. Seen here for comparison with some medium free range eggs we had on hand.

Part of the total experience at Stoneyfield Orchards was an impromptu guided tour with their young daughter, the princess of the domain. The "doggie", chickens, rabbits, and the cows. A six month old calf was waiting to greet us under the shade of a tall old mulberry tree.

Magically, as we walked toward the calf, and I asked what was its name, as I looked down on the grassy walk I saw a bright yellow dandelion. And just then, I heard, "Her name is Dandelion."

Sweet. Now, that is sweet.