Bols Jenevers

When in Amsterdam not long ago we ordered a draft beer with our supper at the SmallTalk Café late one rainy Autumn afternoon. When the cheeky waiter brought our beer, he saw to it it came in the smallest pony glass. Very good, let’s play get the tourist. We were quite charmed and he then came back with a pony of Jenever, on the house. Nice exchange, don’t you think? Those Dutch as such kidders.

 Anyhow, Jenever. The father to English gin, but smoother. Sippier. Especially the Corenwyn Jenever, one of the aged varieties from the old House of Bols. We brought back a bottle from the duty free shop and it is now only a fond memory. Alas also, it doesn’t seem to be available retail in the United States. We’re on the lookout, but it is available online from overseas distributors.

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