Little Things in the Kitchen Mean a Lot

Your Cooky is a new Cat. He finally stopped being so penny-wise and sprung for a proper vegetable peeler.

Big deal. You could say that. But, if you spend time in the kitchen you know things need to be prepped. And that means, vegetables to be peeled.

Now we know too well how the marketing folks have mined every nook and cranny, and the result in terms of peelers — like everything else — is you got all manner of shapes and designs to choose from. Those icky non-slip handled kind are from the devil himself, if you ask us.

You know that trusty Swing-Away can opener. Those folks make a righteous looking simple peeler with their trademark molded-on plastic grip. The unit we bought wasn't worth a pile of what we would put in the litter box. And — what a downer — contacting the company was nearly impossible, and the outcome when we did speak to a "customer rep" was pretty much another little box full of you know what.

If you have in fact spent time peeling vegetables you know that all peelers are not created equal. We have always preferred the simple ones you can find pretty much in any supermarket in their small kitchen equipment section. We like the cheap price and they work well enough. But we have also come to expect that cursed of all features of the vegetable peeler: those peels stick to the blade of the peeler and you have to shake them off after every pass.

Hallelujah! No longer!

In an online order recently we needed an item to bring the sale total up to qualify for free shipping. How about a peeler? We sprung for a Jonas peeler at $7.95, a price we didn't think you should ever have to pay for a peeler. It's make in Sweden, evidently by the folks who in fact invented that particular iconic design.

Just to say the blade is sharp as a razor. And — mirabile dictu — the peels fly away off after every swipe. Repeat, fly away off.

Just to conclude . . . Go get one. And . . . You are welcome.