Pork in the Frig

Recently heard advisement in the kitchen: 

"As you open the [refrigerator] door your pork is facing you."


Pizza Markouk en Tawa

Back story: Several years ago I dined with a Middle Eastern family in their home. They served a bread that was paper thin, translucent. And, delicious. Only recently did I discover Markouk at a Mid-Eastern grocery.

Always had the idea that it would make a wonderful wrap for some filling. My window of opportunity has passed to make it a commercial entity. The burrito is now a staple item. And, in fact, there is such a thing as a wrap sandwich based on a large wheat flour tortilla.

What's a Tawa? The term is from India. But it's simply a flat grill surface used in so many cultures mainly for flat breads. In Mexico for tortillas is a comal. 


Greens Found on the Road Less Traveled

We shop around the world. Figuratively speaking. In the Tri-State NYC area you can find every kind of cuisine of the world, and stores catering to preparing those dishes.

Here are three items you may want to look into ...

1. Baby Okra. I mean ... Baby Okra. Oh, baby, are they small! Just steam and serve buttered with a little salt. Astound your family and dinner guests. I'm talking small. Get it! We get ours at Nouri Mid-Eastern grocery in Paterson, New Jersey.

2. Then there's Molokhia. A leafy green vegetable with lots of vitamins and antioxidants. It's good for you. Use in soups or stews. Ancient food. Acts like Okra, texture-wise. Also found at Mid-Eastern stores.

3.  Moringa: Tree of Miracles. The immature seed pods of the "Drumstick Tree". Add to soups and stews. High in Vitamin C and minerals. Look for it in Indian groceries. Very fibrous, so there is some inedible portion after chewing.


Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá

1 lb Bacalao (Salted Cod Fish) boneless.
          — Soak refrigerated in several changes of cold water, 12 hours minimum to remove salt.
          — Poach in water until tender (approx. 15 minutes.)
2 medium+ Onions quarter sliced thin 
          — Browned in Olive Oil and/or Butter.
4 large Potatoes boiled.

Completion ...
          — Combine in large pan over low heat with Olive Oil, breaking up Bacalao and Potatoes into random bite sized pieces.
          — Garnish with Black Olives and chopped Parsley.
4 hard boiled Eggs.
          — Top with slices/wedges/chopped of hard boiled Eggs. Recommend chopped.
          — Drizzle of Olive Oil before serving.

Use your best Olive Oil for finishing. Here's our latest find from the Portuguese store Caseiro E Bom in the Ironbound, Newark, New Jersey.  ($7.99 750ml is a great price for this excellent Olive Oil. The producer offers other qualities also.)

And, speaking of Olive Oil, here is our basic go-to, from Lebanon.