Your Puss In Your Pie

Your Puss In Your Pie
Yet again, our (ahem) friend David D. Wronski writes . . . (Is this guy for real?)

Here's something new I may have the scoop on reporting.

I was at my favorite “Brick-oven-wood-fired-artisanal-we-do-everything-from-scratch-except-grow-and-mill-the-flour-and-milk-the-water-buffalo” Pizza Parlor and the waitress was looking at me rather intently. I mean, really checking me out. Naturally, I was flattered to think so. But, when I got home and opened the box this is what I saw. Even though it meant letting my delicious Pizza Pie get cold, I thought to take this photo to record the miracle and share it with you.

It turns out that it isn't a miracle after all. The Pizza Parlor* took a tip from the barista next door and is now putting customer's portraits on their pies in tomato sauce as a little goodwill booster.

I believe a trend is under way. And, you heard it from me first.

* “Brick-oven-wood-fired-artisanal-we-do-everything-from-scratch-except-grow-and-mill-the-flour-and-milk-the-water-buffalo, which we bred on our farm.