"Fatayer bi Sabanekh"

Photo Credit: Food Bridge
Middle Eastern Spinach Pies

The video below is self explanatory and complete. Fatayer bi Sabanekh are absolutely delicioso.

It seems there are as many variations as there are cooks. We understand spinach or purslane (early summer in hip markets) are traditional.

The recipe below looks good. The dough is hand formed and yields a somewhat thick pillowy result. Other recipes we've seen recommend a thin rolled dough, no more than 1/8 inch thick. Go for "see through".

Not to further confuse, the spice mix, called Bahārāt, seems to include different sets of ingredients depending on the source. Here is a recipe for Bahārāt that looks good. You can also buy spice mix in Middle Eastern stores. Or, use Zatar, made at home; also available in stores. Sumac seems to be an element most all recipes call for. You can spice your spinach mix with sumac only. Salt, of course, to taste.

Some recipes also add citric acid crystals to bring the sour along with the lemon juice. Optional.

We realized this is all rather sketchy. But the variations on the Internet search are endless. See what lifts your skirt. Food Bridge is a simple recipe we like.

Oh, yes. That spinach mix makes for one mean pizza. As is, or with some queso.

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