Cooky Cat Blitzes Williams Sonoma

Mr. Cat feels it's high time that Williams Sonoma pays proper respect. We envision his future looking something like this.

If you are a Cooky Cat regular, then we have a request. (If you are not a Cooky Cat regular, then you sir or madam . . . ARE NOT REGULAR. Do you smell what this kitty is kookin'?

So whoever you are, next time you are at Willaims Sonoma drop the name. Better, "Cooky Cat sent me!" It's true you know, so don't feel reticent about making that proud claim.

When Williams Sonoma hires Cooky Cat and they start stocking the full line of Cooky Cat approved cookware etcetera, etcetera, then followers (in good standing, that is . . . no negative comments, please) will get the usual steep discount.

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