Don't Cut Your Eggs With a Knife!

It's a rule in Cooky Cat's domain (and don't think you are excluded from that), you don't eat eggs with a knife. Even if you are one of those Europeans that chronically has to have both hands going, one with a fork, the other with a knife.

Alright, your eggs on a slice of toast. OK then. But, it's to cut the toast, silly. The egg. A knife is overkill. Literally. 

And, while I'm at it. Hey, you Europeans! We get it about using the knife for helping things on the fork. But, every time! Some things just manage to get on the fork by themselves. Would it kill you to just stop being so traditional all the time.

To Whom It May Concern: Just because there's a knife on the table, you don't have to use it. Use your keppe. Don't be a shlabudnik. Or, a schmendrick.
Today's Question # 11

What is it?

It's called an egg topper.