What Tea with Dim Sum?
Did you know you had a choice? In any Dim Sum parlor worth its salt (soy sauce?) that is. Yes, you do.

Usually when you go to a Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum they will bring you a pot of house tea; usually a black Oolong, and sometimes Jasmine.

We discovered something which we now order religiously and recommend. You politely ask your server to take that pot of house tea away and specify, "Gook Po". Don't worry, you won't get a pile of some critters' nether regions. That's "Gook Po-Po" in case you're interested.

Better suggestion, order Gook Po right away when you are seated. That way you won't run the risk of antagonizing the harried waiter; and, you who's knows what goes on behind closed doors. 

"Gook Po" "Gook Pu" is a blend of earthy/woody Pu-erh tea enriched with chrysanthemum blossoms. Pure essence of Yin/Yang. At the tea station in a bustling Dim Sum joint they keep the varieties loose in bins and your server will simply toss some of this and some of that in a pot and fill with boiling hot water.

Also, ordering such an "in" brew will get you some cred with what can be a rather aloof style of service. Also, Gook Po is not just for Dim Sum. It's excellent with any Chinese meal.  

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