Knife Skills
Never Too Soon to Learn

A friend of ours was apoplectic. He tells us about his friend, a mother of three, and her plans to teach cooking to children. He showed up on our doorstep in high dudgeon after he saw a photo of her tender lovely daughter attentively cutting celery . . . with her finger tips kept straight out. 

We don't know if the mother of that kid knows proper knife skills herself. The story is that at a younger age she cut the palm of her hand trying to cut a bagel in half. Ouch.

Knife skills is a big subject and we aren't trying to cover all the bases. There's how to hold a knife. How to hold what you're cutting; i.e., the holding hand position. And, finally, the various techniques for the many things you would want to do with a knife in the kitchen.

Today we're focusing on the correct way to keep the fingers on the hand holding/guiding what you may be cutting. This may seem too obvious, but it can't be stressed enough about how to correctly position the holding hand.

More examples of proper technique . . .

Here's a video to give it a live perspective . . .