Pizza in the Detroit Style

Photo: David D. Wronski

If you're from Detroit, Michigan or you know the town well, then you know about the kind of Pizza folks there prefer. The epicenter of what defines Detroit style Pizza is Buddy's Rendezvous.


It's made in a rectangular steel pan. In the first photo we used what we had. A round pan. [Whatever.] In the shot below, behold the inimitable original from when we last dined at Buddy's Rendezvous.

Photo: David D. Wronski

When I was a lad, Buddy's was the place. The friendly, warm and definitely hip waitresses there treated you right. After asking if I was of age (I lied), with a wink I was served my first alcoholic beverage — a Boomba of Beer — at Buddy's.

But this isn't about that place. It's about how you — yes, you! — can make a pie at home that will take you back to Motown in a jiffy.

Here's the secret. Whether square or round, use a high side metal pan. Butter the bottom and sides liberally. Form your risen dough to the sides of the pan. Let it rise again. And, again, if you want. Pressing it down if you're going to rise it twice.

Use a mild white Cheese. Some portion of Mozzarella if you want. In the Motor City they use what's called Wisconsin brick Cheese. Good luck finding that outside the Midwest. Mild white Cheddar or Monterey Jack, or something close will do it. No need to order some online. Unless of course you have the moola and the help is not too busy.

Buddies puts the Pepperoni down right onto the dough first. If you're asking why Pepperoni, maybe you should just stop reading. Alright, don't stop. If'n you no likka the Spicy Stick, then you are beyond salvation. But, that's OK with us. It's your bouche that you have to amuse.

Then add the cheese. This is key. Spread the shredded cheese liberally all the way to the edge of the pan. It's that cheesy crusty burntish edge that gives the Detroit Pizza it's claim to fame. It is addictive.


Sauce-wise ... cover or dot the top with chunky Tomato sauce. However much or little you prefer.

PS Last time at Buddy's the waitress confided that you can have the sauce added first, or last. Seems there are variations on the theme.

Bake as per your recipe. And ... enjoy.

Here's the Buddy's Boomba in all its glory. (With a shot of Tomato juice.)

Photo: David D. Wronski

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