Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka
Żubrówka [ʐuˈbrufka] - Bison Grass Vodka

The Żubrówka [ʐuˈbrufka] is a rye based vodka flavored with bison grass which can only be produced in Poland at the Bialystok distillery. It has a distinctive aroma of new-mown hay.

On our way back from Europe recently we brought some back. Our bottle is distinctive in that it has a furry “bison hair” wrapper. How cool it that!

Żubrówka goes back before the Middle Ages and Bison Grass is said to give vitality and stamina. The power of the bison! It's considered an aphrodisiac. You've heard the expression, "The Hair of the Dog"? This dog got some hair!

You should know that the traditional Żubrówka made with real Bison Grass is not imported into the United States. Bison Grass contains coumarin, a moderately toxic substance banned by the FDA based on clinical tests with animals. There are some brands imported into the United States which do not contain coumarin but reportedly have a similar taste to the real deal Żubrówka.

We are not in any way recommending use of any banned substances, for legal and health reasons.

For our own part we make homemade Żubrówka with a few straws of Bison Grass in good rye or potato Vodka.