Whatever. Just give us some Botanist Gin from the Hebridean distiller Bruichladdich located in the Rhinns of the isle of Islay, Scotland.

As you may know Islay is famous for its smoky single malt scotches; our favorite for being the smokiest of all, Laphroaig.

Seems though that Bruichladdich has recently turned to crafting gin. So we procured a bottle and are here to tell you that it is a flowery delight. Click for a full tasting summary. The Botanist is made with 31 botanicals, 22 of which are wild gathered and native to Islay itself. Crafty, indeed. Truly can be called "Artesanal."

Now that the warm weather is advancing toward us, thoughts of that quintessential summer quaff, the G&T, gin and tonic come to mind.

Fever-Tree Brand tonic water is the primo mixer for combining with such a distinctive gin. It's a little pricey if you usually buy brands from the local store. But, it's worth the extra expense, multiple taste factors more than the run of the mill. Fever-Tree recommends a G&T enhanced with only a twist of lime peel for to extract the pungent oil. Nonetheless, we don't want to give up our preference for a squeeze of lime, but will now add that twist of lime peel to ante up the flavor.

Dig it.

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