Onion Confit

Before we get to the subject of Onion Confit, I want to get something off my chest. When you sauté onions to the point of they be getting nice and brown, can we agree to call them "browned".

The spirit of the culinary age seems to prefer the term "caramelized". It's true that they get brown through a process known as caramelization on account of the natural sugars; but do we have to make it so highfalutin? Or, like the word, "Melange". Which works best, a "Mess of Greens" or a "Melange of Greens"? Write it the way you want; but, no need to get all snooty-like. Like . . . that Martha person, for example. When the hostess says, "Soupçon" I immediately make haste for the dining room. "Soup's On!" And, you better beleive we'll be expecting a nice size bowl, no soupçon, if you please.

But, you say, what about Onion Confit? Look it up.