Eat More Mangu!

Once upon a very long time ago we travelled down in Dixieland. When I saw a certain bumper sticker I had to have one for my own. Ours was the only Land Rover in the New York City area (perhaps, the whole wide world) with “Eat More Possum” prominently featured on its rear bumper. My then wife was a good sport. (But, maybe, not that good; she done up and left me.)

So, today, my bumper sticker of choice would have to be “Eat More Mangu!” It is made with boiled green plantains (let them fully ripen or buy them already ripe for Platanos Maduro), often served with breakfast garnished with pickled sweet red onions. 

Per the Urban Dictionary, “Mangu is a contraption of the expression Americans used when they first tried it during the USA invasion of the Dominican Republic in the early 20th century "Man Good", hence "Mangu".

You know why I like plantains? Because they have appeal.

Here is the ever effervescent and charming Daisy Martinez to take you all the way home.

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