The Singular Single Malt

We are Friends of Laphroaig. Even have some property near the distillery. You can click the link to have a virtual visit to Islay, the "Queen of the Hebrides"(or, as they themselves say, "Banrìgh nan Eilean"): 55°37′55″N 06°08′58″W / 55.63194°N 6.14944°W / 55.63194; - 6.14944

As a friend of Laphroaig Cooky Cat gets VIP star treatment when he visits. There's a little spot for a nice cozy nap reserved just for him near the warm peat fires in the distillery.

We unequivically recommend Laphroaig to all our friends. The Triple Wood is claimed to be it's most complex expression. Click this link to sample Laphroaig Triple Wood. (Say it,"trapple", when you visit the distillery and they will let you address a nice piece of the Haggis as a bonus.)

Mind you the basic 10 Year Old is our tot of choice (as in the sailors' daily "tot of rum", to keep the scurvy away). Two fingers, please. Three would be better. When we're feelin' a little flush, we send the sommelier to the cellar for the 40 Year Old. Either is a nonpareil pleasure; each in its own own way, of course.

Click this to see a delightful interactive video on what the First Taste of Laphroaig might look like.

Now we are going to sit down and have ourselves a wee dram whilst we enjoy the lovely song below. Please join us.

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