In a Jam . . . or, Cake


Here is the lovely Michele T. Fillion with her latest find. Alas, not in the garden (yet!) but from an excellent mail order source.

Oh, did we tell you what that round thing is? No, it's not a watermelon. It's a citron melon. The word is that citron melon is to watermelon what quince is to pear.

Citron melon has the crisp juicy texture and taste of cucumber. It can be eaten as is cut into salads. Also, the main reason why Michele tracked this specimen down in the first place is to use it in canning preserves. Citron melon is right up there on top of the high-in-pectin list. Also, for homemade candied citron for Michele's killer fruitcake. She would grow her own wheat and distill her own rum and breed her own chickens for eggs and refine sorghum sap for syrup; yes, she is one homemade kind of girl.

You can get your own citron melon and/or seeds to grow your own from the Wild Pantry. The nicest people and what a great range of things to purchase.

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