My Special Blue Plate

That's right. Not, Blue Plate Special. But, my "Special Blue Plate".

If you look at your own kitchen experience you will probably agree there are some  implements that you keep coming back to, time after time. Tried and true, trusty and tireless helpers. For us, one such item we want to single out for special praise is our blue plastic plate. 

For sure there are other tools in the kitchen that we wouldn't be without, but that old blue plate is a singular performer for certain tasks.  Every time we take it from the cupboard for a task we smile with warm affection and remember the years of service this humble little battle scarred plate has given.

You can see the surface in the photo has been marred with years' worth of cut marks. It's a handy light plate what to put the steak to rest, then cut into pieces for serving. Or cutting anything small when we don't want to call that big old cutting board into duty. (Also, we keep an eye on how many things we use since your's truly is not only the cook, but the dish washer too. The fewer the better.) 

It is also a good and ready platform for mise en place. As you might get from the photo above, Asian style is currently in vogue in our kitchen. And, if you know from stir fry, you need a bunch of things prepped and ready to go. That blue plate is just the ticket.

But, the function for which this little plate seems destined is the flipping of the frittata. You know how when you make a frittata and it needs to be flipped? Well, our plate fits perfectly into the 10" fry pan and never misses when we flip it to the other side. See this entry for specifics on flipping the frittata.

Meanwhile let's just close and reiterate how we flip for our Special Blue Plate.