Yogurt at Home

Krishna himself would approve.

Hari Krishna!

1 1/2 - 2 quart jar cleaned and rinsed with boiling water, then dried.

One quart fresh whole milk

Bring milk to a boil quickly, stirring constantly to prevent sticking to pan. Set aside to cool to 118ºF (48ºC) ...or...fast cool in a cold water bath. When cooled to about 115ºF (46ºC) pour 1/2 cup into container.

          Add...3 T good, high culture yogurt (starter) and whisk together thoroughly.

          Add...1/2 cup instant non-fat dry milk powder thoroughly mixed with 1/3 cup milk    at room temperature (optional).

          Add...remaining hot milk mixture / should be 112ºF (44ºC) by now.

          Stir thoroughly

Place in a warm environment 85-110ºF (20-43ºC) wrapped in a thick towel. For example...Preheat oven to warm, shut off and place jar wrapped in a thick towel in the oven. Let thicken overnight. Or use Styrofoam insulated box, but wrap jar in towel also.

The longer you let it thicken, the stronger and more tart.


A quart of your own freshly made yogurt won't last very long. If you are motivated enough to make this yogurt yourself, you may want to consider going for a gallon of milk to start, multiplying the recipe by 4X. Recommended if you do, hold back on the optional dry milk addition.