The Beverage for the 21st Century


We all want to reduce or eliminate our country's dependence on foreign oil and at the same time explore other cost effective and environmentally friendly sources of energy.

Well, Mr. T. Boone Pickens has a plan. A large part of it involves natural gas. Seems we got a lot of it up the you know what. But, really. It also seems that New York State and Pennsylvania are sitting on top of a big bunch of it.

Now just how to get it out of the ground. There's a hydraulic water technology that does the trick. Governor Cuomo of New York State favors allowing such drilling. Below is a piece that pretty much covers the whole issue from Mr. Stephen Colbert.

Cooky Cat, one never to pussyfoot around a marketing opportunity, has gone into exclusive licensing with Mr. Pickens and the Governor to market the beverage of the century, Frak-Watur©®. Not in stores yet, but this stuff will put the fire in your belly—quite possibly the very thing that this country needs to get us all moving again.

Do not accept substitutes. Frac-Water©® is not a reprocessed derivative from some leach field. It isn't from some hoity-toity, drilled deep well with low level fracking by-products slowly seeped into the ground water aquifer. Frac-Water©® is full strength "direct from the pump"©.  

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