Breakfast Soba

The basic version uses quick boiled Buckwheat Soba in a Sauce made of Sesame Tahini, White Miso, flavored with Tamari, Red Vinegar, and Sesame Oil, thinned with water.

Fried or poached Egg optional.

(2-3 T of Tahini plus 2 T Miso are enough to make a Cup of sauce.)

Add-ins ... WhatsUGots. E.G.: Green Leafies. Bean Sprouts. Cucumber thin half slices. Julienne Carrot. Thin sliced Celery.

Tip 1: Cook the vegetables to desired near-done, then add the Soba.

Tip 2: The ingredients are not fixed in stone. Olive Oil instead of Sesame Oil. Any of the nut butters instead of Sesame Tahini.