I Got Your Snack!

For when you want something fast. Have these on hand at all times:

You can stop right there. Warm a Tortilla. Just heat the beans, sprinkle some hot sauce, wrap ... enjoy.

If you want to go further ...

Make Refried Beans. Saute minced onion and garlic, add beans with liquid, heat over medium until liquid is mostly evaporated. Salt and pepper, of course. Cumin, maybe some chili powder too. Mash beans. Serve.

Options: Add some melty cheese. Even some scrambled eggs. 

Oh, Salsa! In a food processor: fresh Tomato, sweet Onion, Cucumber, Cilantro leaves and stems, Jalapeno (tamed — deseeded/deveined —to your taste). Lime juice and Olive Oil to balance. Charred Tomatillos, Avocado, and fresh Cilantro chopped together make another great Salsa.

PS: Don't overfill the Tortilla. Tortilla buying guide: as big as your head. Hot sauce-wise, it's the "broth of your own desire"; No end of options. Bean-wise, any bean'll do ... in a pinch. Put in what you got, what you like. Just smallish on the filling. Keep the filling texture soft and cuddly (as opposed to big and chompy).