Gnocchi Demystified

A Recipe ... and, a Story

It started with Bagels. Once in a while it'll be Bagels and Cream Cheese and a big cup of robust Coffee on Sunday morning. Or, if we splurge, Lox for on top of that. If it's that, then of course, with Onion, Tomato slice, Lettuce. Kosher Dills. And spicy Bloody Mary's. Who's hungry already? And, when we want to go all out ... Herring slices in Cream sauce with Onions. And, good Danish Pastry. Good. Not some limp imitation sold within a plastic wrapper.

In any event, the Scallion-Chive Cream Cheese was in the making. There was some Farmer Cheese which never saw itself into a recipe envisioned to be tossed into Pasta with Olive Oil, grated Parmisian, and Parsley. Yes, that's how we spelled it ... "Parmesian". 

So, in went the Farmer Cheese for the spread. Nice. Try it. We added Mayonnaise to moisten the mixture. Farmer Cheese is rather dry textured, you know. 

There were leftovers. Next day we added a half-plus portion of all purpose Flour and eggs. Parsley. Some grated Nutmeg. And, oh yes, served tossed in melted Butter with some Pork Cracklings for garnish. Dropped large spoonfuls into boiling water. Voilà ... Gnocchi.

The lesson is simply this. Gnocchi is what you make of it. The simplest of things, really. 



When every fiber of your being is oriented to just that one thing, and that thing is Pizza, here's what you are to do.

Herewith the can't miss, quick, works-every-time recipe ...

1. Slice and toast an English Muffin(s).
2. Slather with Tomato Sauce (plain, right out of the can).
3. Light Sprinkle of Oregano.
4. Grated Mozzarella.
5. Sliced/quartered Pepperoni.
6. Dusting of Parmigiana or Pecorino.
7. Bake at 350° F for 10-15 minutes, until cheese is melted.
8. Sprinkle with Pepper flakes (to taste).
9. Serve.
10. Enjoy.

BTW, keep English Muffins on hand at all times. It's the handy fall back for lots of things: Hamburgers, Breakfast (of course), PBJs.