National Burrito Day

Mark that as the first Thursday of April, every year from now on.

David D. Wronski writes ...

Yesterday April 4, 2019 was National Burrito day. It was approaching dinner time, and we were in the neighborhood; so we stopped at a favorite Mexican restaurant for a few to go. San Antonio in Passaic, New Jersey es muy auténtico restaurante Mexicano

When we got our take out Burritos home. Wow! One Bistec, the other Carnitas. Each one loaded with Rice, Beans, and lots of Onions, fresh Cilantro and diced Tomatoes. Topped with Crema. A simple chopped Lettuce salad to accompany. And, of course, a wedge of Lime and some Tomatillo Salsa.

While we were waiting for our order to be prepared in come a small Mariachi troupe. I got their consent for a photo, and here they are singing a soulful and happy Guantanamera.

Here's their beautiful, healthy window dressing.

And, Our Lady presides over everything ...