Greens Found on the Road Less Traveled

We shop around the world. Figuratively speaking. In the Tri-State NYC area you can find every kind of cuisine of the world, and stores catering to preparing those dishes.

Here are three items you may want to look into ...

1. Baby Okra. I mean ... Baby Okra. Oh, baby, are they small! Just steam and serve buttered with a little salt. Astound your family and dinner guests. I'm talking small. Get it! We get ours at Nouri Mid-Eastern grocery in Paterson, New Jersey.

2. Then there's Molokhia. A leafy green vegetable with lots of vitamins and antioxidants. It's good for you. Use in soups or stews. Ancient food. Acts like Okra, texture-wise. Also found at Mid-Eastern stores.

3.  Moringa: Tree of Miracles. The immature seed pods of the "Drumstick Tree". Add to soups and stews. High in Vitamin C and minerals. Look for it in Indian groceries. Very fibrous, so there is some inedible portion after chewing.