Low and Slow on the Backyard Weber Grill

There's grilling and then there's barbeque. When we think "barbecue" we are talking low and slow, plenty of hardwood smoke. As that lady we entertained at some long forgotten backwater bar in Rangoon say, "Mama love you long time." She be smokin'. We also feel the same about our spareribs and pork shoulder.

We've been scratching around looking for a way to use the trusty Weber Grill to do some low and slow ribs and pork shoulder. The offset method is too hot for slow, long smoking.

Our search is over. It called the Smokenator. The device inserts into the Weber Grill and isolates the burning coals. It produces the necessary smoke and regulates the temperature, adding humidy with a built in water bowl/steam pan. The net result is an indirect heat/smoke source that keeps the cooker temperature at a steady 230-250 degrees Fahrenheit.

We just discovered this much praised Weber Grill upgrade and will be ordering our very own post haste. We need the model for our 26.5 inch grill, and there is a smaller one for the 18.5 inch unit. (Shown below with the optional Hovergrill.)

Dig it.