If you have been inspired by the recipe entry for the Brown Study . . . For the love of God, read this!

Following the original instructions for layering the elements on that thin crisp cracker base will end up looking like something from Mrs. Havisham's Wedding. That is, if you finish your creation with a dusting of cinnamon and date sugar. It's just too drab and, frankly, dusty looking. Needs some sparkle, sizzle, and shine. Otherwise, your finnicky eaters may not notice.

As always, Cooky Cat puts things right:

DO THIS INSTEAD: Add the drizzle of honey next to last after you have "dusted". Then sprinkle with the bee pollen (careful with that bee pollen, some can be sensitive). It'll now put that needed twinkle that good cooks always look for.

Click here to go to the corrected recipe.

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