Our Favorite Pickles:

Chinese Mustard Greens

How to prepare ...

Trim away the leafy portions (save for other uses). Cut fleshy parts into bite size pieces.

Prepare brine of White Vinegar : Water (1 : 2). Boil with some salt, a good measure of sugar, and some Yellow Mustard Seeds.

Add cut pieces to boiling brine, keep on heat a short time to tenderized. Remove from heat. Let cool. Jar. Refrigerate. 

Ready to eat almost immediately.


First thing to know, there's no egg in an Egg Cream Soda. 


In a tall 12 oz. glass ...

1/4 Cup Whole Milk (approx. 2 inches)

2-3 Tbsp. Chocolate U-Bet (less than an inch)
     No need to measure Syrup carefully ... Eyeball it!

Fresh Seltzer. Make that ... FRESH!
     If the Seltzer isn't fresh, fresh you won't get that quintessential          cappo.

Quickly toss a portion of Seltzer into the glass.
    This will create that white foamy head. Careful, not so much to       overflow glass.

Add more Seltzer to fill glass.

Using a long spoon place it into the glass under the foam and vigorously stir liquid portion. Careful no to disturb the foam cap.

Optional ... Drinking Straw.


There's an alternate prep method. Adding the Syrup after the Milk and Seltzer: Here it is on the Fox's U-Bet official page.

Also ... Just learned this: Fox's U-Bet is available Kosher for Passover. The recipe for that variety uses Sugar instead of Corn Syrup. We'll be on the prowl come Passover time for the righteous version.

Nota Bene:

Around Passover Fox's offers a kosher version. Sweetened with sugar, not high-fructose Corn syrup. You'll know it by the seal on the cap.