Our Muse 2.
Look out McDonalds. Introducing Lily's Rainbow Cafe. If you don't have one in your neighborhood, call the Customer Service Department at EMCO Products for a location near you. Also, for details and a qualification application for a lucrative franchising opportunity.

Lily's Rainbow Cafe stands for the highest quality in every aspect of its operation. You can expect to get only the best. Admittedly, simple fare; but, hey, do you really think that everything is really so tip top at one of those 5-page menu places? A restuarant that keeps a half dozen of everything in every variety is not a place where you want to take of back of the house tour.

Stick with Lily's Rainbow Cafe. Cooky Cat says it's "Purrrr-fect."

Potential franchisees are fully vetted; only the very best and righteous individuals will be considered as affiliates.

Cooky Cat gives Lily's Rainbow Cafe two paws up and 100% on the Meow Meter.

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