Our Muse 1.
Cooky Cat owes a lot of his inspiration to this little lady. She is his muse. Obviously. He has styled his wardrobe completely after her. She is nothing short of magic in the kitchen. It’s… Lily!
What would you expect from someone who combines such an inspired sense of eclecticism in her wardrobe, such keen intuition of basic science (witness how she knows what ears are for: they’re what to keep your cap in place, silly!), and how to use just the right tool for the job (evidence the rice paddle she is about to use to make a batch of sushi rice. Nice!) Come on, how many kids do you know that know from a rice paddle? Professionally she is spokesgirl for EMCO Products and right handmaiden to that other undisputed kitchen culinary creator, the great Emma!

Here she is with Emma at the EMCO annual meeting. Sales must have been down a bit that year. Emma is keeping a little to herself. Or, is she just cooking up yet another culinary breakthrough? But, soon, we hope.
In the kitchen Lily blazes her own trail into uncharted territory. She’s just a kid you say! But she’s not kidding.
What kid doesn’t like a kite. Who, in fact, doesn’t. Show me someone who doesn’t like a kite and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t know how to take a flight of fancy. But, fancy this. The lovely spectacles flying high above her in this photograph aren’t in fact kites at all. But her latest cutting edge culinary creation: flying food. So light, such eye appeal. When it’s dinner time, all mom has to do is send it up and the kids come running. The shapes too are inspired. Hey, little Georgy, want to have some dragon for dinner? (In reality it’s broccoli/spinach timbale à la dino.)
See those flowers prettily perched on her keppe? Think again. Edible flowers, thank you very much. And worn for those strolls in the woods when you want to travel light and you find yourself lost and feeling a little peckish. A picnic at the drop of a hat!
Miss Lily is not too proud either to leave the kitchen is good order. She does like to keep up appearances, though, even when doing chores.

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