Special Sweet and Sour Sauce for Chinese Meatballs 

First served in Brooklyn by the Polish Pavillion Catering* at an Italian American Community Group gathering. Got some remarks in the serving line like, "Hey, I see the meatballs, but where's the Spaghetti?" Later though . . . raves.

Sauce Ingredients: Chinese Cabbage, Onion, Green Pepper, Carrot, Celery, Kabees El Lift (Pickled Turnips), Burdock, Garlic, Ginger. (And, whatever you may have handy.) Suggested: Mung Bean Sprouts, Pickled Scallion, colorful Bell Peppers (red and yellow), Straw Mushrooms, Chopped Tomato, Pineapple Chunks.

For the meatballs: Ground pork, blanched slivered cabbage, thin sliced scallion, slivered ginger, minced garlic, chopped fresh cilantro leaves, chopped shitake mushrooms.

*The Polish Pavillion Catering in the mid-1970s was arguably the originator, certainly at the forefront of Fusion Cuisine.

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