Vesuvio Bakery

Photo Credit: Stephen Harmon

I fondly remember early 1980s time when I found myself strolling through SoHo and stopping by Vesuvio Bakery. Mama was usually there sitting in a simple chair. Mr. Anthony Dapolito tending shop. Nothing but bread, all handmade with skill and care. 

Here's a great portrait of the baker/proprietor, Anthony Dapolito.

And, the pepper toast! Correctly, Pepper Friselle. We will never see the likes of it again.

Here is my first attempt. Delicious. I cut them the way they were made at Vesuvio. Have to work on the texture. Get a little more air in there. Even so, they beat anything I've sampled recently, store boughten-wise.

Mr. Dapolito was very active in the community, and very fondly remembered.

And, you probably want a recipe: Pepper Friselle

We halved the recipe. But, upped the cracked Black Pepper portion. Way up! To taste.

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