Fermented Vegetables

Here are the most basic elements for fermenting vegetables. 

Your Kitty does not hold hands, or pussyfoot around. There are lots of resources on the Internet for the step by steps. Even some links here to some Cooky Cat recipes.

Basic Points

1. We ferment vegetables to preserve them. And, more importantly now, because they taste good. And, they're good for you. 

2. Fermentation is ... during fermentation beneficial bacteria in the vegetables convert sugars to lactic acid. This is a natural preservation that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

3. Fermentation is ... an anaerobic process. In other words, the veggies have to be submerged under brine

3. Salt initiates fermentation. Most important to use non-Iodized salt. Kosher salt works great. Pickling salt also. Never Iodized table salt; you will not get fermentation.

4. Water. Some vegetables after being salted give up liquid. This is a natural brine. In order to be sure the vegetables are submerged under the brining liquid, add more brine to cover. 

Brine Recipe: 2 Tablespoons salt* : 1 Quart of water**. 

*    Kosher or Pickling salt. No Iodine!
**  Pure water. No tap water, unless boiled to remove chlorine. Spring water has no chlorine. Chlorine inhibits/prevents fermentation.

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